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Legion is a community mostly focused on CS:GO, we started last year and want to expand the community to Garry's Mod. Me (manic) and Voya have been making servers for years and since I have previous experience with Garry's Mod Voya has asked me to help him out. This server is not a serious role-play server.

Server IP:

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/9puWQUy

Website: legioncm.xyz


Check us out sometime!

Change Logs
08 Jan 2020

Server Update 1/6 - 1/8
- Meth now sells for more, wasnt worth it before.
- Bitcoin has been adjusted so that you dont make millions in an hour.
- Money clickers have been updated and balanced, the teal clicker is no where near as good as it was. (sorry drewbie lol)
- Thief was missing keypad crackers. shouldn't be an issue now.
- Thief and Pro Thief now have access to krobbery.
- Bitcoin miners are now available to all criminal jobs and merchants.
- A few jobs that had no purpose were removed.
- Terrorist is completely different now, look at the new description in the f4 menu for the new rules.
- Body Guard job was added mainly for gun dealers to keep their shops peaceful.
- Weed Grower seeds and some machines are now useable by other players.
- Fixed OG Kush having a sell price less than the price of the seeds.
- Removed NLR Zones in favor of buying a new plugin for it, I'll be buying that new addon soon. for now behave yourselves please :)
- Switched to AtlasChat

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