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Undead Wasteland Livonia DayZ Server is offering experience what most of servers don't have!
Server has a reasonable amount of mods (mods what actually is useful and cool) and uses vanilla Livonia map without any custom building bull**st.
Reasons why you should join Undead Wasteland server, has many

- Mods what help make game better and for a more lively experience!
- Vanilla map without any modifications!
- Server IN EU!
- 99% lag free (due good costume hosting on high performance system with lighting fast fiber internet connection)!
- Users support and feedback!
- Automatic server restarts, after every 5 hours!
- In game help and commands system!
and many other awesome features, so come yourself to discover even more!

Server info
Server Name: Undead Wasteland Livonia Trader|Items|Airdrop|Mission
Server IP:
Server Location: Netherlands
Available via DZSA Launcher or official launcher.

Announce!!! Correctly we are looking new staff members to our administrators team.

Please join and start discover Undead Wasteland DayZ server!

See you Survivor!

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