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Welcome to Galactic Network!

After a few months of building, updating and configuring we are happy to announce the server is ready for release!

We're proud to share with you our 9 custom servers:



A custom built spawn with 4 large portals taking you to our favourite modes! Gadgets making running around the hub endlessly fun! A compass to quickly change servers and menu help GUIs so you know how to play!


PVP, Huge bases and raiding? What's not to like! Fight for your faction on this unique factions server!


A phenomenal game, build a faction with friends, fight other factions and take over the world! With crates, a shop, faction top, auction houses, item shops, PVP events, up to 20 man factions, nether water and 1000+ claimable chunks! Not to mention my personal favourite Diamond Rain!


Take to the skies in Skyblock! Expand and explore your floating island and have fun doing it!



A great game mode with 3 tiers of islands, completly custom with different biomes! Featuring unique credit rain system, balanced economy, parkour events, item rain events, mob boss fights, island top, spawner levelling, PVP events and of course Crates!


Survive by mining, building and PVPing in this fantastic custom coded Prison gamemode!


Get back to basics with Prison, miss the classic minecraft experience of mining? This is for you! Featuring housing, A-Z mines + Ranked Mines! Auctions, Ranks and of course PVP Zones and Crates!


Build to your imagination in Creative! Custom plots in a beautiful world! World Edit obtainable through voting!


Have fun with friends and build to your hearts content in Creative. Super big plots at 100x100 and heres the best bit, you can claim 3! Monthly build competitions judged by the players!


Dive straight into PVP with KitPVP! With amazing klits that are unique to Galactic you'll soon destroy the competition.


This gamemode is the place to be, 60 fully unqiue kits! Leaderboards, gangs, jobs, seasonal rewards, missions, crates, weekly events and a map completely designed for PVP!


Survival Multiplayer with a simple twist, explore an expansive 1.12 custom terrain world on your own or with friends!


SMP is similar to factions except is more designed around Survival instead of Factions. Featuring a mining world, end and nether. Super simple land claiming and the ability to work with a friend with ease!


Play some classic mini-games! Custom mini-games in a great variety of maps!





Hunger Games


Arena PVP


Kit Battle




Build Battle




Plenty of mini-games with lots of different maps and servers within. Play with friends using /party


SkyGrid is SkyBlock with a simple twist, instead of an island, have one block! Explore the world with hundreds of little blocks.


Feauturing Random Chests, spawners, nether and end skygrid worlds and working in teams!


As the server has just released there may be a few bugs and false positives on our anti-cheat. If there are please message us or report them on the forums!

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What is the server IP for Galacticmp?

The IP address of Galacticmp Minecraft server is

How to join Galacticmp server?

Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and input the text on "Server Address" then hit "Done". Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on "Join Server" button to play on Galacticmp.

What version does Galacticmp use?

Galacticmp server supports Minecraft game version: Latest, you may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is Galacticmp located?

The Galacticmp server is currently hosted in United Kingdom.