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Quantum Vanilla is a free to play server with massive zombies with shops commands, looting, raids! A server where you can play games with your friends or family.

Includes: SkyBlock | PaintBall | BedWars (Coming Soon) | Survival (lots of zombies) | Plots | Mini Games - Prop Hunt, Mini Walls, Party Games, Temple Run, Splegg, Bomb Lobbers, TNT Tag and Quake | Perks | More!!!

You are free to join the server with version 1.10 - 1.16.

We make sure to keep updating the server so you can have the best experience. All the plugins are all to date and it's 100% lag free!
24/7 uptime with the best support of the server!

100% secure & protected! Any suggestion or feedback/input you would like the server to have, we are more then happy to come in agreement so we can make this fun and excited!

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