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Hello my fellow Java Minecrafters!!
Are you looking for a new server or maybe just a different one?
You may have found just the one!
We at TiTansCraft are a small community that is looking to grow. We are a Hard Vanilla Survival server currently ran on version 15.2 and we are strictly 18+. Our server is Whitelisted and set up similar to the Hermitcraft server.
So are you a Builder, or Redstone Engineer searching for a new server to call home?

If so, feel free to apply on our discord at https://discord.gg/wnqr5ny
We look forward to meeting each and everyone of you and seeing what you can come up with!

Our Rules :)

I. No greefing of any kind or stealing (friendly pranking is tolerated as long as its harmless :ie no lava or TNT machines to destroy or otherwise harm there builds or spawn trap the player)
II. Be respectful to other players.
III. Give players there space (build far enough away from other players to give them and yourself room to grow/build) (unless aloud by that player)
IV. No spamming the chat or recruiting players for other servers (this could result in you getting muted for a pre determined amount of time or banned)
V. No X-ray or and other mods that would give you an advantage over other players. (this is a survival/vanilla server ) (in game exploits such as rail and tnt duping is aloud as long as it is a mechanic in the game its self)
VI. No asking for /tps or asking for items from staff members.
VII. The server is meant for high lvl players with regard to Redstone and aesthetic builds so please dont leave the world in a destroyed state IE: floating trees, 1x1 towers or other eye sores.
VIII. Spawn will be the shopping district so you can build there with the intention of selling items to other players ONLY, do not build your base in this area as it is reserved for the shopping district.
IX. Pvp is is aloud within reason we are all trying to have fun here!
X. If you are unsure about something you want to do is within the rules please ask any questions

Thank You For Your Intrest in our server! If you would like to join click our discord link and apply!


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