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Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune Java 1.8 1.16.x
Tip Joc Action Arena Pvp Bosses Casino Eco Safe Survival 0 tick survival farms Theme Park Minigames and Modes Chill
United States
Ultima Actualizare11 Jan 2021
Data inregistrarii18 Dec 2018

Server Informatii

Mega Game World is an adventure and survival worlds server with TONS of games like a Battle Arena, Casino, Parkour levels, Thunder Dome (Russian roulette with lightning), Funhouse and much more where you can win diamonds and collect junk. You can take those winnings (and junk) to any of our associated stores we have scattered throughout the Lobby, purchase and build up Badass armor and weaponry and take a fight to the PVP arena where you will get scorestreak bonuses(i.e. 3, 5, 10, etc) and a diamond per kill or play our (patent pending) TnT Toss - where you chuck lit tnt at you enemies to bomb them into oblivion. OR, you can take all of your findings and build a survival world mansion, or you can just build a survival world mansion.. You get 3 claims if you're a Survivalist, 5 for Member rank and up to unlimited claims with Elite. We don't want to limit how massive your mansion can be. Add members to your regions and join up to make it to the end and defeat the ender dragon together! Or, just take out everyone you see and make it there yourself first. We don't care what you do, just make sure it's epic!
Come join Mega Game World at: and see why it's becoming one of the newest hot servers around!

Also purchase ranks and packages here: Buycraft Store 

Buy our skins (and coming soon worlds) at: SOON

and vote for our server on MCServers here: McServers link

Change Logs
20 Jan 2019

We just recently added

- Bounty Hunters plugin: so you can hunt down (and get rewarded for it) or put out a bounty on a friend. 

- Time Is Money Plugin for all ranks: (default is $10 per 10 mins of play time, up to $100 per 10 mins with VIP rank)

- New worlds: Funhouse (with a Jump house and a maze so far, a harder maze and haunted house coming soon)


Also, coming soon: Hide and seek and many other fun minigames and plugins to make the experience THAT much better!