Mirage RO

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Website mirage.ragnarok-online.net
Version Pre Renewal
Type High Rate PK WoE
Location Singapore
Last Update30 May 2021
Join Date30 May 2021


• Server Information •


255/120 Transcendent.

Main Server: Singapore Based.

Multiple Proxy Server (Soon).

Instant Leveling or Instant Job.

Frost Server

Agi Based & Spam Balance Skills.

Enabled All Rare Cards

Normal Card Drop Rate - 10%

MvP card Drop Rate - 5%

Rare MvP Card Drop Rate - 0.50%

Thanatos Tower Quest

Voting/PvP/Hourly System

Modified & Customize


[ -- Auto Attack & Auto Teleport Gear -- ]

Job Master NPC

Gold Room - Skill On & Skill Off

Bloody Branch Room

MvP Arena

Endless Tower

Break The Seal

Automated Events

All 3rd Party Program are allowed here except (RPE/WPE/NDL)