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Discord Discord
Last Update11 Nov 2020
Join Date11 Nov 2020


General Information:

Rates: 100x / 100x / 50x

Quest Exp: 60x

MvP / Treasure Box: 1x

Pet / Homunculus Intimacy: 40x

Max Level: 99/70

Max Stats: 99

Max ASPD: 190

Instant Cast: 150 dex

Max Party Members: 15

Party Share Range (lvl): 15

Guild Cap: 24

Multiclient: Enabled

Episode: 12

Emulator: rAthena (2015 Client)

Security: Gepard 3.0

2 WoE types: MVP WoE and MvP/Miniboss Disabled WoE


Casual Features

Free warp except for MvP maps

Healer: Heal+Agi+Bless+Repair+Identify

Plagiarism NPC: No need to ask someone to copy skills

Same Sex Marriage: Allowed


PvP Features

PvP Rooms: No Limit Arena / No MvP Arena / Champion Arena (Weapon and Accessories only)

PvP Rankings with Statues

WoE items obtainable through Battlegrounds Grind


WoE Features:

Friendly MBK / Sharpshoot / Provoke

Guild Alliance Disabled

Hard-coded Skill Delays

Potion Delay: 150ms

Ygg Berries / Seeds: 3s cooldown


PvE Features

Hunting Mission

Race of the Day

Well-thought Quests (Donation Equips, Costumes, HGs)

Gacha Machine

PK on at MvP maps