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United Kingdom Quake 3 Server List

BOSSTOUR - 1v1 Serve
BOSSTOUR - 1v1 Serve
Massacre FFA
8Static 2Void 6- 1Q3
Massacre 1vs1
8Static 2Void 6- 1Q3
Carnage 3 7E 3L 7I 3
The Wizards Well
8Static 2Void 6- 1Q3
1. 4 UrbanTerror ESP
Ubernet.co.uk 1 CTF
Cyberdemon.co.uk CPM
Ubernet.co.uk 2 CTF
5v 7ihmu 5 6CA 5 1U
MGC Urban Terror
The Last Outpost Lon
Qw3 Server
CcCam s Bum Boi Serv
Dmugauntlet INSTAGIB
London OACMPv1v3 ser
ERA 4DM17 3 7E 3L 7I
Standard CTF
Earth s Elite Frag S