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1200 Skill Cap!

UO Store is Active with an Online Store as well!


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I've dedicated so many years to Ultima Online. I started out a cotton picker back in the year of 1997 in the lands of Chesapeake. After many moons of finding my chosen path, I decided to take my skills to the new lands of Great Lakes. In the year of 2005, I moved once again to my home of Atlantic. I spent many of my days and nights building a name for myself as the Great Crafter Guinness. I was saught by many to make the items to help defend and protect themselves. It was a little over a year ago that I decided that many of the people in my lands were poison and could not find a cure to help them. A few of us decided that it was time to let go of our once beloved lands and move on.

It was then that I decided to work on New Beginnings. I wanted to see the world that I grew to love become it's glorified self, once again. The toxicity was gone and the relaxation became itself again. I now offer this land back to you. If you are looking for that sense of feeling again, then I offer you my Lands. This is the up to date version of UO and the calmness (other than that red that might kill you, but buy you a drink after) you remember. 

 I welcome you to New Beginnings. This is NOT a pay to play or play to win style game but the UO Store is available. I have built a very customized Vet Reward system with great items within it. You also get skill boosts as well as time goes on. I have set it to give you 1 point per 10 days active for a Vet Reward. As more join, I will have Solo and Guild events every week with lots of great drops and even custom drops and custom monsters. I bring to you the old school feels with great rewards and a low income, but with a stable economy. 

 Come one and all to New Beginnings!


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Change Logs
23 Jul 2020


*New Beginning Sandals for character creation and a 50k check to start off with. 

*Excellent changes have been made to the Vet system for great items! New Vet Rewards come every 10 days!

*Once the game gets going and more players join, there will custom monsters with events!  

15 Aug 2020

*Added new craftables to the inscription skill