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Versão Shadowlands
Tipo shadowlands Scripted Scripted Instances Friendly Staff No Bugs
Localização Germany
Última Atualização15 Nov 2021
Data de Entrada15 Nov 2021


After many years of playing on other private servers and witnissing players frustration and deseperations, due to non experienced and money driven server owners, a group of people came together, to create something very awesome. Something you have never seen before.


Therefore. we are very thrilled to present you the very first 9.1.5 Shadowlands Private Server.


Revendreth is a fresh new World of Warcraft Private Server which strives to deliver the most blizzlike experience ever witnessed on any server. 


We are a very motivated, dynamic and experienced team. We’ve been in the private server scene forever and know all in and outs of this business. Certainly we know what players (you) want and we can’t wait to share our development progress with you, once we officially announce a release date for our alpha/beta. We aren't like the majority of servers, who create fake hype and only want to fill out their pockets with money. No. We actually dedicate a lot of time, money  and effort into this project. We have a very clear structure of how to build a server and make it sucesfull for a long period of time. Does this sound promising? Then wait, until you see, what you can expect from us.

- 9.1.5 Patch

- X1-X5 rates (individually adjustable via an in-game npc)

- Experienced, dedicated & motivated developers

- International Community

- International discord community with staff support & weekly giveaways

- Anticheat system

- Blizzlike classes & spells

- Blizzlike Raids & Dungeons

- Blizzlike quests & scenarios

- Mythic+ & Thorghast

- Modern Website

- Affordable and player friendly donation prices

- Playable of older content

& much more...

Additionally, we will be hosting a Mythic+ & Arena Tournament for every season ending for real money as price pool. The top teams in 3v3/2v2 & in Mythic+ will gain access to a tournament realm, where they can buy the best gear in the game from a npc and then compete against each other. The events will be live-streamed & commentated. Just like you know it from retail.


Also, every month, we will be hosting a community event in discord, where all of our developers and administrators meet with you in a voice channel to discuss suggestions and improvements for the server. 


While we are very experienced and professional in our work, we are also just humans like you, therefore we do mistakes, that’s why your feedback and opinion is very important for us. 


We don’t want to make fake promises and only create fake hype to gain players like many other servers. Everything mentioned is 100% true and will be present in our server. 


Our website and server is still in development, but if we could interest you, join our discord server to keep in touch with us about our progress, such as release dates. 

We expect you!