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Versão 474
Tipo Osrs Fullscreen 474
Localização United States
Última Atualização03 Aug 2023
Data de Entrada09 Jun 2022


Vidyascape Mobile out now VidyaScape is the most complete revision 474 (Halloween of 2007) recreation ever created and has been online since 2014.

There are no custom drop tables, no custom bosses, and no custom mini-games. All content has been painstakingly recreated as it was in 2007 with full dialogue, cutscenes, animations, sounds and more.

We provide a 2.25x experience rate and infinite run to make the grind a little more enjoyable.

VidyaScape’s content includes:

  • Every original 2007 quest, over 125 in total
  • Every skill, including Hunter and Construction
  • Every minigame including Barbarian *******, Temple Trekking, Pyramid Plunder, Trouble Brewing and more
  • Every boss and dungeon including God Wars Dungeon
  • Achievement Diaries
  • Clan Chats
  • Resizeable Client with other features such as pixel-scaling and 2006 style game frame
  • Hiscores and XP tracker
  • 24/7 Up-time
  • NO Grand Exchange
  • NO Donator Benefits

While not native to 2007, VidyaScape also has the Ironman and Ultimate ironman game mode.

Check out our website which includes download links to the game launcher, our wiki page and more information. Feel free to join our Discord: and ask any questions you may have.