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Website avalon317.com
Discord Discord
Versão 317
Tipo 20 Bosses Custom Minigames Custom Raids Friendly Community Friendly Staff
Localização United States
Última Atualização31 Aug 2022
Data de Entrada16 Apr 2022



What is Avalon?

Preparing for release in July of 2022, Avalons current state has seen rapid development and has grown to be one of the most content-packed Custom 317 RSPS' to date!
Before the initial release, Avalon has a goal of supplying players with a enhanced gameplay experience they won't find elsewhere in the scene. We are committed to creating a community and environment in which all players can build lasting friendships and make fun memories while enjoying a constantly-evolving palate of content! The community you will find here is unlike any other - Avalon is truly like a family.

Countless hours have gone into hand-crafting this experience to ensure it is as seamless and hitch-free as possible. Here are some of our features: