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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão 1.9.x 1.19x
Tipo SMP Events Arena Pvp Discord Fun
Localização Bulgaria
Última Atualização12 Jun 2023
Data de Entrada28 Apr 2023


Ourcraft is a minecraft SMP server! The first ever discord server was created back in 2021 and stays till this day. The name has been kept from public since 2014. This means that in 2014 me and my friend tough we created the first name "OurCraft". In 2022 I found that there have been servers with the same name since 2011 ! 
Now here with us you can make friends and memories while our staff team is protecting you. 
We have Custom Weapons that help you progress thru the gameplay, we have custom enchants and so much more!