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Status Online
Último Ping5 minutes 44 seconds ago
Versão Latest 1.19.4
Tipo Survival pvp pve mcmmo Economy Casual Mob Arena Kingdom
Localização United States
Última Atualização28 Mar 2023
Data de Entrada04 Mar 2023


KOTB-MC is an "Enhanced Vanilla" PVE/PVP survival Minecraft server dedicated to community building and lasting friendships. We currently use Kingdoms, mcMMO, Shops, and MobArena to enhance the survival experience and provide a fun and balanced gameplay experience for all players.

Keepers of the Bastion (KOTB) is a small but friendly community of gamers from all over the world with a singular interest, playing together and having fun. We privately host multiple different games including tabletop rpgs, and we have a wide variety of people with varying interests. Care to join our growing family?

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