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IP do Servidor
Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão 1.9
Tipo Hermitcraft Multiplayer Survival smp Community
Localização United Kingdom
Última Atualização08 Feb 2023
Data de Entrada08 Feb 2023


We, as a community, are searching for more players that want to have a hermitcraft like experience.

Bases, events, friends, and most of all, fun. We as a server are very community-driven, decisions are voted on, and you are a big part of where the server would be going. Everything is generally what you would expect a good SMP to be. So don't hesitate to come and join us!

- Diamond-based economy
- No land-claim, trust-based server
- Ingame-chat connected to discord
- Core protect to allow grief prevention
- Dynmap

What we are searching for:

Friendly players who like to play Minecraft with friends. Have a positive personality and, above all fun! The whitelist is limited, so please join before it's too late!

Discord link: