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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão 1.18.2 1.19.x
Tipo RPG Ranks Rpg SMP
Localização Serbia
Última Atualização03 Nov 2022
Data de Entrada25 Oct 2022



Survival + Role-Play Multiplayer


Server is PC host you have guide how to connect on server, also you can see in discord if server is active.

This server have rules, if you break rules you will get BANNED. ​​​​​​

When player die in game. they got ban on 24h, other player CAN REVIVE dead player with simple command /revive (player)  

BUT that player who used command will die and get punishment of 24h just as he died instead of that dead player. 


Players can't join yet until we release BETA version.

Server currently have some issues. before releasing and making it playable with smooth gameplay and to server itself be "cool" or "unique"  it need take time to make. Please join our DISCORD server for Announcements about Updates.

What is BETA?

Beta will be before "Grand Opening"  .  on Beta players will get extra items and money to see how will server look like and test things. Also everything from Beta will NOT be saved. 

We use beta for test and fix bugs/glitches also to ADD some things if you have any good suggestion that fit server.

Beta will be released 1 week before Grand Opening.