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Status Online
Último Ping11 minutes 1 second ago
Versão 1.18.2
Tipo Rpg PvE SMP
Localização Serbia
Última Atualização01 Aug 2022
Data de Entrada31 Jul 2022


Hello, This server Have Pve, RPG and SMP world 1000x1000.
join us and have fun!

server RPG is still new and unstable but STAFFS are working on it!!!! 

PvE contains up to Degree 20 items. (level of item) also dungeons for every degree. and quests and Uniques.. PvP Area Too

RPG have few dungeons , Cool items , Mining, Farming , Plots, Bosses , and kinda fun.. PvP area too :)

SMP contains  1000x1000 worldborder. no natural mobs spawning only from spawners you get money by mining in SMP or playing RPG and PvE and killing mobs. there is /shop you can buy items there.  Also PvP is allolw in SMP but keepinventory is on. 

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