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IP do Servidor
Website yoru.uk
Discord Discord
Status Online
Último Ping31 minutes 59 seconds ago
Versão 1.18.x
Tipo Vanilla Semi Vanilla PVE Multiplayer Survival SMP Custom terrain Casual Java Bedrock
Localização United Kingdom
Última Atualização29 Apr 2022
Data de Entrada28 Apr 2022


A latest version Java server with geyser bedrock cross compatibility, vanilla ethos and custom world generation (Terralith/Nullscape). Also Version backwards-compatible.

Chilled F2P experience with opt-in PVP, claim protection, anti-cheat/grief measures and a few QoL plugins for a lightweight server overall.

Communal and inclusive atmosphere on a modern and well maintained server.
Our main emphasis is on freedom to enjoy the game however you like, without inhibiting ambition. 
Just don't go too crazy,  hope to see you on Yoru.

Bedrock IP: bedrock.yoru.uk
Java IP: yoru.uk
Discord: https://discord.gg/kwHWnFwjGX

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