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Lure Network

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Status Online
Último Ping18 minutes 0 second ago
Versão 1.8.9
Tipo Prison Op prison Economy Arena Pvp Auction Build Buycraft Cosmetics
Última Atualização01 Nov 2021
Data de Entrada30 Aug 2021


Lure Network!
Lure Network is a new OP prison server with alot of features, with one of the best ones being the ability to join using any version between 1.8-1.16!
Go trough all the mines, rankup and prestige, max out your pickaxe, compete to be number 1!
For any questions or support, join our discord server:

Jogadores Online - Últimas 24 horas

Change Logs
11 Sep 2021

Season 2 Changelog: (Patches for 09/11-2021)

Auctions can now be ended by the seller at any time Fixed some typos

Fixed the typo in Prestige Crate where it said you got 2x Token Pouches (you only get 1)

Fixed the issue with Mine A not resetting
Fixed the issues with players not being able to break blocks in Mine B
Fixed the hole in the glass in Mine D, H, and Z
Removed the water and lava outside some mines

14 Sep 2021

Season 2 Changelog: (Patches for 09/14-2021)

All money pouches have been limited to only give 2B while we work on fixing the issue with it displaying the wrong amount

Added Sword, Axe, Bow and Arrows to the /shop

Automatic reset at 50%

15 Sep 2021

Season 2 Changelog: (Patches for 09/15-2021)

Lucky Booster buffed
Booster renamed to Block Booster
Block Booster buffed

16 Sep 2021

Season 2 Changelog: (Patches for 09/16-2021)

Added names to the items in the kits

Made a document with all rank perks (found in our discord, can be updated in the future)

17 Sep 2021

Season 2 Changelog: (Patches for 09/17-2021)

Added /report where you can report someone
Added /plot visit 
Added /tf for temporary flight
Added /daily

Changed the order of the blocks to make it look less messy
Added heads for GurraPvP, D3m_0n and tilde119
Changed the price on heads from 10k to 1b

Added custom join messages
Added custom quit messages

Added the ability to use temporary flight
New users will get 5 minutes
Daily bonus flight time every day you join (5min)

Replaced $ with tokens in token pouches

18 Sep 2021

Season 2 Changelog: (Patches for 09/18-2021)

Daily flight is now 15min instead of 5min
New users get 15min fly when they join
Added /apply to the Useful Commands tab in /help
Added /support
Updated the look for /apply
Updated the look for /store

Temporarily disabled Block Booster and Lucky Booster

19 Sep 2021

Season 2 Changelog: (Patches for 09/19-2021)

You can now vote using /vote (no voterewards yet)
Added a changelog on
Added staff applications on

24 Sep 2021

Season 3 Changelog: (Release notes for 09/24-2021)
Added 5 prestige mines
Added rank specific mines for bought ranks

Added Gang Top npcs behind the crates at spawn

All bought ranks now have a small multiplier

Added a chat reaction system

Added new commands in #bot-commands (!ip !store !players !unique)
Media is now for media people only

Discord to Minecraft:
Lord and up can now write from Discord to Minecraft (requires a linked account)
New prefix to use commands in #minecraft-chat from discord (!c)
Added all leaderboard commands (!c baltop, !c tokentop, !c gang top, !c blocktop, !c prestigetop, !c gemtop)
Added playerlist command to show online players (just type playerlist)

Changed some typos for some pvp enchants
Changed the format for the rarity on books
Increased Greed cap (2500 > 10000)
Increased Explosive cap (500 > 1000)
Increased Haste cost (200 > 1000000)
Increased Speed cost (100 > 1000000)
Increased Jump Boost cost (200 > 1000000)
Increased Night Vision cost (150 > 1000000)
Increased Fortune cap (100000 > 250000)
Increased Flex cap (10000 > 25000)
Increased Efficiency cost (25 > 1000)
Decreased Efficiency cap (1250 > 1000)

Prestiging now resets your rank back to A

Added perks included in all ranks
Added Tag Crate Key
Added 46 tags
Added 11 effect packs
Added gadget
Updated the welcome/home page
Fixed the issue where people didnt get keys they bought
Added the ability to use discord when buying a rank to get it added in the discord

Added /ec (higher rank = more slots)
Added more daily rewards (8 days in total)
Updated the /report system to make it more efficient

Added the ability to link your Discord account to sync roles
Nitro tag is now automatically given when you boost and have your account linked
Discord tag is now automatically given when you link your account

25 Sep 2021

Season 3 Changelog: (Patches for 25/09-2021)
Discord to minecraft:
Anybody that links their discord can now use the minecraft chat

27 Sep 2021

Season 3 Changelog: (Patches for 27/09-2021)
New chat format (now shows mine and prestige)
Chat reaction is now fixed
You can now mention people ingame (@[name]) (toogle with /mention)
New command [inv] that shows ur inventory
Updated [item]

Books are now fixed and can be right clicked again

Added Rank Upgrades
Added Multipliers
You can now buy effect packs, hat packs and gadget pack
You can now buy tags, pets, mounts and suits

28 Sep 2021

Season 3 Changelog: (Patches for 28/09-2021)
Switched the pvp from custom to kits
Inv now gets cleared when you enter the arena (to your right in spawn, follow the sign)

Changed the motf
Added a hover message
Added a server icon

30min daily flight (was 15)

29 Sep 2021

Season 3 Changelog: (Patches for 29/09-2021)
Fixed P60, P70, P80, P90, P100
Fixed Emperor Mine, King Mine, Lure Mine, Lure+ Mine
Mine lord is closed due to technical difficulties
Changed the automatic minereset in all mines to 65% (was 50%)

Changed the wordlist to words related to minecraft and "game words"

01 Oct 2021

Season 4 Update
Added Mining Quests
Added PvP Quests
Added Walking Quests
Added Playtime Quests
Quests gives virtual keys instead of physical keys
/keys to see your keys
/crates to open virtual crates

Chest Shops:
Added Chest Shops

Help GUI:
Added more info

Added private mines

Daily Reward:
Changed some daily rewards
Added more rewards

Updated rank descriptions
Added a ingame title being shown when someone buys something

Updated MOTD
Changed the hover text

As a member of the staff team you need to have:

- - : Previous moderating experience

- - : A clear history of not being in, or associated with exploiters, degenerates, or have been blacklisted

- -: You are required to be an already active community member