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Data de Entrada25 Jul 2021


Our server strives to never be pay to win, though we will have some things that can only be gotten through real money. You want an op tool/weapon if its available it will be in /points store and you get points for literally just being online. You want cosmetics, you will have to spend real money. We have a /warp shop though it isn't amazing and we have both a resource world which may end up being reset a lot more often than our main world which is our skyblock world, but if you want to do survival, you are free to. Currently we do not have any survival protection plugins installed and we may not get any until we shift from the one realm to multiple, which we are working towards as quick as we can. If you are interested in giving suggestions, just let us know and we will take the feedback into consideration as we move forward. We hope each and every one of you enjoy wherever you end up playing, and please, don't let yourself feel trapped in a server where you don't like the rules or where the gameplay is not right for you.

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