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Versão Latest 1.17.1
United Kingdom
Última Atualização24 Jul 2021
Data de Entrada24 Jul 2021


Seismic Gaming is a survival server that offers everything you've ever wanted to enhance your experience.

We've seeked to provide an experience that is unlike what you've seen before. We truly emphasise the word survival. 

Every day within the Seismic-verse can be different to the other. With dynamic seasons that can affect farming, fishing and mobs, a custom weather system that puts the fear of darkness inside you and a special night that happens every 7 in-game days that spawns custom enhanced mobs, we truly put the survivability in your experience. 

With that being said, we do what we can to preserve your current and future progress. We offer ranks that can only be bought via in-game currency (not donation based), grief protection through the means of lands, a player-driven economy with player shops, custom farming, fishing and upgradable furnaces & hoppers.

We provide rewards for those who vote for us with the means of crates. 

We've built our community on the ideology of players-first and donations-last. We've made a promise that any type of donation we accept will be rewarded with cosmetics and nothing that can impede the general playing experience. We simply do not agree with pay-walls, every player playing on our servers should and will always have a level playing field.

Once you join the server, you'll be presented with a small tutorial so you can get to grips with how our server works. Once you're ready, you can jump straight into the lava pit and be on your way in our massive 20,000 x 20,000 world.

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