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Website Website
Discord Discord
IP do Servidor
Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão 1.16.5
Tipo PvE Survival
Última Atualização22 Jul 2021
Data de Entrada22 Jul 2021


We are a server where you can play with all your friends anywhere in the world, on any device, and on any client (1.8.9 - 1.17) that you wish to use. We have custom terrain generation for a fresh and adventurous experience while playing Minecraft. You can shop for goods and set your own warps to create your own chest shops, you are able to use custom enchants and higher level enchants to add something refreshing to the game. We also have McMMO so you get rewarded for playing on our server by leveling up. You can toggle PvP on and off whenever you want so you can build in peace and PvP whenever you feel like it.