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Discord Discord
IP do Servidor
Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão 1.17
Tipo Survival Semi Vanilla Hermitcraft Discord Whitelist
United Kingdom
Última Atualização05 Sep 2021
Data de Entrada20 Jul 2021


FishSMP is a brand new (whitelisted) survival Minecraft server. We are looking for tons of new members to come and join us! Unlike many other survival servers, we do NOT have land claims (but still offer a 100% grief free experience), any sort of pay-to-win items and no teleporting! We do have some vanilla tweaks datapacks similar to the popular Minecraft server "hermitcraft." We have a custom spawn, which leads to multiple "districts" to help keep a theme in different areas of the world. Aside from that we are fully survival! Come join us now, and get ready for a lifetime of memories :)

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