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Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão 1.16.5
Tipo PvP Survival Pve Survival Economy Skyblock Anarchy Active Adult
United States
Última Atualização24 Jun 2021
Data de Entrada22 Jun 2021


notes: This server is running on Paper, a fork of Spigot, and requires no additional configuration on your end. You can also ignore the "Incompatible Version!" message. This is a result of a mod we use to broadcast dynamic motd's. Our live server version, and the version we recommend you use to connect is the official Minecraft client version 1.16.5

🌈 Nyan | Multiverse

Nyan was built around the "play how you want" ideology. We wanted to create something everyone could enjoy and everyone could find a place in. Every aspect of normal Minecraft is here, just with a handful of things that keep it feeling alive, and breathing.

Here's a rundown on what we have instore for you:

  • PvP enabled worlds! by default PvP is enabled, and you may attack others as you wish

  • Land claims are provided by Lands, the premium plugin by Angeschossen to provide our users with the simplest and one of the cleanest implantations of land ownership. All land can be earned in game for claiming at any time.

  • Elytra will perform as intended. We have chosen to include Elytra as a regularly obtainable item and have not modified speeds, fly heights or anything that would hinder your earned flight.

  • A working economy, which is not bloated by intentionally inflated revenue and shop prices. Items sell for reasonable amount, and earning money is a goal not a given. Earning feels good, and being able to buy something nice is an even better feeling. Our economy is optional, should you wish to play earning all your items alone, you may. It will be not impact your gameplay. All spawns are left as default.

  • Skyblock is available to you from the start. /is create <name> and you're good to go. We like sky islands as they allow for privacy and secondary goals to set yourself and friends! Used this way, its almost like an endless amount of worlds in one!

  • discord server you can join for support and get in touch with other! (info further down)

  • Dungeons have been added. Over 10 dungeon designs will spawn in parallel with our beloved vanilla structures. We've done some tests and we think we have just the right amount. Should make some items a little more accessible as well as provide some interesting new structures to explore and loot.

  • Almost half our plugins are premium. We have chosen to use premium plugins for most of our core features. We want all of you to feel like your on an adventure. Bugs and instabilities will be reduced and in the case of incidents, we have live support with most of the respective devs.

  • We're proud to say we use Hostinger as our provider. There customer service and quality of product are unparalleled. Simply put, you can count on us to stay up.

  • Most of your user data (and all of your purchase history) are backed up via MySQL. If we ever perform a reset or upgrade you can rest assured your player information is not at risk and you may log safely back in next time.

If you are interested please feel free to join us in game, or in server with the following information below. We are brand new so if you don't see anyone on at the moment feel free to message us in discord, we are on most days and would love to play as long as we have the time.

If it is your first log on, you'll be spawned in our lobby, all you have to do to access the primary game world, is walk forward a few feet, enter the portal labeled "Lobby Upper" and once on the second floor walk just forward to a portal labeled ''overworld." It should be crazy obvious but some people have asked so.. yea :)

If for some reason you cannot find the portal (you can find the poral, I believe in you.) Typing /ow will take you right to the spawn of the primary game world. This can be used at any time. There's spawn protection on the immediate portal area so just walk a few feet away. To get back to the lobby you can type /nexus 🙂

🟢Connect: mc-java.nyan-genesis.xyz
🟢Discord (new player guide & support): discord.gg/invite/yh8yEyVqjM

For anything in the virtual shop (/buy) from now until October, or whenever I remember to turn it off, get 20% off with code "beta000"