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Versão 1.18.2
Tipo Society Towny Guns Slimefun Dynmap Cannons Movecraft Townywars SMP PVP
Localização United States
Última Atualização12 Jul 2022
Data de Entrada04 Jun 2021


HomePenguin has a goal of creating society in minecraft
Where you make a town and towns can join nations making countries.
You can craft guns and cannons. and you can create machines and factory lines. you can also brew beer and vodka, wine, etc.
not! also, dynmap Which is google earth for Minecraft.
you can also create vehicles (planes, ships, tanks).

JOIN NOW! and create your beautiful nation. wage war or make epic cities.

IP: homepenguin.my.pebble.host


We also are more unique with a discord chat connected to minecraft. so people on discord can talk to you and you can talk to them.


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