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Status Online
Último Ping5 minutes 7 seconds ago
Versão 1.17
Tipo Pve Survival Safe Survival Custom Items
Última Atualização26 Jun 2021
Data de Entrada02 Nov 2020


Welcome to The Exiled's Official Minecraft Server!

We aim to create a unique survival experience, different from any server youve played on before. Youll find a collection of RPG elements, such as unique weapons and guns, bounties, and even puzzle-based dungeons. High end gear is not limited to items there are even fully functional vehicles. The term End Game comes to mind.

We use a custom Resource Pack to have our guns, which are replicas of those from the game Destiny, be fully 3D modeled in game. Make sure to use Optifine to get the full effect.

Heres a collection of Server Images:

We hope to see you on some time!

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