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Versão 1.17
Tipo Towny MCMMO
United States
Última Atualização03 Jul 2021
Data de Entrada01 Jul 2020


Create a powerful town, upgrade to create an expansive nation, show off your building skills, and forge your spot within the player-led economy! PicklesTowny is a brand-new survival Minecraft experience for players that are interested in an inclusive, welcoming setting. Our goal is simple: provide a clean quality Minecraft experience that you will remember. Unlike most other servers with currency, we are focused on providing an engaging player-driven economy that gives actual value to in-game cash. We are extremely interested in fostering a builder-friendly environment, and we believe it is important to ensure players that enjoy building don’t have roadblocks preventing them from creating the town of their dreams. We want to produce a stripped down, straightforward Minecraft experience, so the number of game-altering plugins have been kept to a minimum. From all of us at PicklesTowny, we hope to see you join our small community, and we can show you the beauty of Minecraft made simple!

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