Alpha Prison 2.0

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Status Unknown
Último PingMonitoring disabled
Versão 1.8.x 1.15.x
Tipo Op prison Plotmine Crystals Crates
Localização United States
Última Atualização21 Mar 2020
Data de Entrada21 Mar 2020


Alpha Prison 2.0

All new and improved features

- New map
- Plotmines- No more warping to mines. You can now place it any wear on your plot. (15x15 area will rest at 80%)
- To enchant the pick u only have to press right click with pickaxe in ur hand
- New enchants: Token Greed, Combo, Lucky, Greed, Key Greed, Experienced, Lazy. Description is write down in the enchant menu
- Pickaxe Level: Every blocks mined gives u 100 experience. There's 1500 level and it needs to give u the ability to put more Crystals in ur pick, for a max of 6 crystals
- Crystals: A new features, there's 20 level of the crystal, with 3 different buff for the pick (Token, Sell and Exp), max of 210% buff at level 220. +10% max every level, start from 10. Example: Level 1 -> min 10%, max 19% buff. Level 2 -> min 20%, max 29% bugg ... To put a crystal on ur pickaxe just right click with your pick and in the enchant menu press the "nether star"
- Casino: U can try ur luck in /warp casino !

Come and join now.