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Tipo Cracked Survival 1144 PvP Grief Prevention Land Claim PvE Vote Rewards Friendly Semi Vanilla
United Kingdom
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Data de Entrada05 Jul 2019


✔️ IP:
✔️ Website:
✔️ Discord:
✔️ Be sure to follow the rules! /rules in-game.
✔️ Be sure to type /help in-game to view all available commands!

CraftMine is a friendly Minecraft network running version 1.16.4/5. We aim to run a server players can enjoy without the annoyance of p2w features most servers offer. We're open to premium & non-premium players, though we do not supply launchers for players to use. CraftMine currently offers 2 gamemodes for you to choose from, Survival & SkyBlock!

✔️ Not p2w!
The best part of all? We're not a p2w server. Nothing is sold for real life money.

✔️ Offline Mode:
Not using a purchased version of Minecraft? CraftMine will still allow you to login using a launcher used for offline mode.

✔️ Land Claims:
Worried about spending hours on a build to find out it's been destroyed by another player while you went out or to get some sleep? Worry not. Upon account creation you are rewarded with 500 claim blocks, earning 75 more every hour up too a maximum of 10,000! Not enough?! More claim blocks can be purchased with vote points or diamonds you've collected! - These blocks go past the 10,000 limit.

Your claims are safe forever. Be it you are a active player. After 3 months of inactivity from a player, their smaller / non-finished builds may be requested to be unclaimed if it's in the way of other players.

✔️ Friendly PvP:
By default PvP is disabled on CraftMine. Players have the option to opt into PvP by enabling it with /pvp on, turning it back off with /pvp off. While PvP is enabled, players may only fight others who also have PvP enabled. With this, by default your player drops are locked to you only. If a player kills you, they aren't capable of picking up your loot unless unlocked.

✔️ Player-Based Mobs:
To keep with the vanilla style of mob spawns, we've enabled player-based mob caps. Simply meaning if more players hop online, you'll still have the same amount of mobs around you!

✔️ Player Homes & Warps:
By default, every player is allowed 1 /home which is created using /sethome. You can teleport back too your /home only when located in the overworld. On top of a /home, you're also able to teleport to your last slept in bed(aka respawn point) by using /bed.

Player Warps are obtained by purchasing them in the server /shop from a cost of 100 diamonds. We have multiple warp categories (Shops, farms, PvP, other) so whatever it is you're wanting to show off and allow other players to teleport too, purchase a warp and sett it up! (/pw help for ingame warp harm)

✔️ Player Shops
Stocked up on too many supplies & blocks? Players can purchase shopkeeper tokens from the server /shop for just 15 diamonds. These tokens are a one time use and allow creation of an editable wandering trader for the player to buy/sell/trade items with. Player shops work best after you've purchased a player warp so other players can easily access the shop. (More info of shopkeepers are displayed when holding a shopkeeper token)

✔️ Server In-Game Shop
The only shop for the server and it used in-game currencies, vote points(obtained through voting for the server) and diamonds(obtained by mining). The server /shop sells claim blocks, warp allowance, misc. permissions.

✔️ Voting
The best & only way of currently supporting CraftMine! Earn a vote point everytime you vote for us on one of the websites in our /vote list. These vote points can be spent on claim blocks, increase your maximum shop placement, disable the AFK kick allowing you to stay online forever.

Vote points can also be used to upgrade your account to the [Voter] rank, this comes with minor additions like the ability to speak using colour codes - Voters also have their own /shop category where they can purchase claim blocks & player heads of their skin for diamonds.

🟥 Restrictions
We try to be very fair with restrictions, only placing it when it's needed and removing it when we feel it's no longer needed. Below are a couple changes made you'll notice from a fresh world.
- Redstone limits(pistons, observers, hoppers) 30 of each placed per chunk.
- View Distance is set to be a maximum of 8.
- Dupes! Item dupes are patched and non-working, only TNT is possible to dupe as you do not receive the duped product.



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