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Versão 1.8 1.12.2 1.16.3 1.18.2
Tipo Op skyblock Sky block Survival Economy Spawners LootCrates Vote Rewards Survival Skyblock Custom Terrain
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Join RGAMinecraft DoniBobes and MacTh3Mac on the fantastic all New SkyBlock Network. Featuring OP SkyBlock and Classic SkyBlock. Now Featuring Latest Versions Survival Multiplayer.

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Change Logs
17 May 2019

We have got some exciting news for everyone! Today at 6 p.m. Eastern, (3 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Central, 11 p.m. UK Time, 10 p.m. UTC) Skyblock Network will be launching its first EVER 1.14.1 'Village and Pillage' SMP server!

Are you excited yet? So are we! There are lots of great 1.14.1 additions that will enhance your minecraft experience!

Key Features

Native 1.14.1 Server with all of the amazing 1.14.1 updates!
World Border - Overworld +/- 5000
World Border - Nether and End +/- 2500
Claim System with Golden Shovel!


Build around and get to know all of the different block types that were added and enjoy them in 1.14's new textures!

Lots of new mobs have been added as well and guess what? Yes we have added them into the spawner crates!

Which spawners have we added?

Tropical Fish
and more!

How do claims work?

You will start with 100 Claim Blocks and earn them at a rate of 100 per hour.  The maximum earned this way is 3000. If you would like more than 3000, you can obtain FREE claim blocks can be obtained from the points store, earn points to spend here by watching RGA's streams, voting, etc.

Start out your claim by placing a single chest, that will claim a 10x10 area which you will be able to expand with a golden claimshovel.

When do claims expire?

Any Unimproved claim made by a chest is automatically deleted after 7 days!
Any shovel created claim that is Unimproved is automatically deleted after 14 days!
Any claim that is improved (built upon) is protected for 60 days of inactivity.  
If you own a total Claim Block balance of at least 5000 then your claims will be protected for the life of this server!
I see that a claim is 17,000+ days old and by an unowned player what happened there?

We delete players data at 180 days of inactivity.  (this includes homes, inventories, enderchests etc.) at this point the server forgets the players name. As per the note above about expiry however the players claims are protected forever if they met the total claim blocks limits.  (note claim blocks do not expire and you will keep them for the life of the server)


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we are excited to see you at launch!


The Skyblock Network Staff Team




Great Server! The owners are constantly developing the servers and constantly fixing bugs. This server has several gamemodes and a truly unique playerbase. Personally, I play on the Soul Survival SMP, which is a semi-vanilla SMP, with a handful of helpful commands such as homes and an auction house. There is also several skyblocks, ranging from OP style generators to simple skyblock without OP generators. While most of the servers are based in 1.12, there are a few 1.16, including Soul Survival and Classic Netherite Skyblock. On top of all this they have "Epic" survival, which uses a custom world generator and is based in 1.12. Another aspect of SBN is the amazing staff team. Most if not all the staff are fun to be around and very helpful. When I first saw SBN I was skeptical about it as I personally am not big into skyblock servers, but nonetheless I eventually decided to try it out. It was worth it as I met a ton of amazing people there. Overall, I'd say that it is worth checking out, even if skyblock isn't your style of gameplay.

Skyblock 2020: 
  - Playerbase 1/10 - Old server, starting to lose playerbase
  - Uniquity of gamemode 5/10 - Standard skyblock.
  - Average time 6/10 - Generally people stick around for a while, and they did but its pretty old now
Classic Skyblock (Netherite)
  - Playerbase 7/10 - Still fairly new in comparison to the other servers, most players that will likely leave have left, leaving a dedicated playerbase
  - Unqiuity of gamemode 7/10 - In comparison to the other skyblocks, it is a 1.16 based one, being unique
  - Average Time 8/10 - Players spend a lot of time on here as there is still a good playerbase and there is a lot of grinders
Skyblock Reloaded
  - Playerbase 2/10 - Generally lower than most at most times, but still has a smaller active playerbase
  - Uniquity of Gamemode 4/10 - It's got some unique aspects to it compared to a few, but for the most part its a basic skublock
  - Average time 4/10 - Nearing the end of its lifespan, shrinking, but those who are still there are dedicated players
OP Skyblock
  - Playerbase 7/10 - Lots of dedicated players
  - Uniquity of gamemode 7/10 - Uses OP generators (Ores appear in cobble generators) and has a very active playerbase
  - Average Time 8/10 - Skyblocks ask for grinding, While it is not required tons of players are constantly on.
Soul Survival
  - Playerbase 9/10 - Lots of players flock here for 1.16 items and a (comparitively) unique gamemode for the network
  - Uniquity 8/10 - Being the only 1.16 based standard generated world, it is fairly unqiue for the network
  - Average Time 9/10 - Being a standard world gen and still relatively new, it is quite obvious that players are constantly on, whether it be high play time or low play times.
Survival Quack
  - Playerbase 8/10 - Still relatively new, and the addition of the marriage plugin makes people more active
  - Uniquity 10/10 - Being 1 of 3 standard world generations, and adding in a few custom plugins such as the /marry command and custom enchants makes this server one of the more unique servers on SBN.
  - Average Time 9/10 - Lots of things to do and the addition of the in game marriage system, people tend to be quite active on here.
Duck SMP
  - Player base 7/10 - This server is one of the more active servers being a standard SMP style world
  - Uniquity 5/10 - Just the standard world gen, and nothing really notable aside from a good playerbase
  - Average Time 7/10 - Lots of long time players are here, and lots of people enjoy a good old classic SMP.
Epic Survival
  - Player base 1/10 - This server has almost been closed due to lack of activity, before the decision was changed last minute. Though it has a handful of really active players on it.
  - Uniquity 7/10 - While its playerbase is small, it is one of the more unique servers on SBN, having a world gen that none of the other servers on the network have. It is a unique gamemode that would benefit from a more active playerbase
  - Average Time 5/10 - A lot of players leave due to the unfamiliarity of the world gen, those who stay generally stick around for a long period of time.