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Última Atualização24 Nov 2022
Data de Entrada24 Nov 2022


Matt McMullen, CEO and founder of sex doll Realbotix, one of the world's most prominent manufacturers of sex doll companion robots, says that his main goal as a sex doll companion robot manufacturer is to help people who are not good at social interaction, and that replacing human interaction with sex doll companion robots is one of Matt's ambitions. The high-end robots they produce that can talk sell for up to $100,000. Dr. David Levy, an artificial intelligence expert, also said the robots would significantly reduce the incidence of social disorders, contact diseases. But academics and the scientific community have criticized the makers of sex doll companion robots.

The 2018 U.S. Loneliness Index released by health insurer Cigna shows Elf Sex Doll that 46% of Americans sometimes or always feel lonely, 47% sometimes or always feel forgotten, and another 43% feel a lack of companionship, and they feel that interpersonal interactions lack meaning. For people with autism, there is no way to enter a new circle, no way to step into another world, and they are immersed in their own little world every day. Over time, they become isolated and in the long run, even lose their social skills. For those who cannot give understanding, they do not want to communicate with autistic people and gradually alienate them, such socialization can make autistic people suffer more.

Senji Nakajima, a 62-year-old man from Japan, fell in love with luxury sex doll his physical doll Saori, who had a family of his own but was so stifled by his dull life that he took the plunge and moved into a bachelor apartment with Saori, who to Senji was not just silicone and plastic, nor did she exist for physical needs, nor did she approach him like the others Only to obtain benefits, it and she is a true companion of friendship. He is one of the owners of solid dolls in Japan, and he chooses to interact with real-looking dummies instead of real people to solve his psychological loneliness, and the results are remarkable from what we can see so far!

The 6% increase represents a pretty big gap between the genders. A full 6 percent of men say they are receptive to physical doll relationships, for women the percentage is 4 percent, while younger geeks are more willing to try. 12 percent more likely big booty sex dolls to be willing to fall in love with a physical doll among 18-34 year olds, with only a slight increase in the 55+ age group.

Laurence, author of "Robots and People: Myth, Fantasy and Reality," a professor and researcher at the Laboratory of Computer Science in Mechanics and Engineering Sciences in France, seems to take the same view. "To fall in love with a robot is to fall in love with an object. It satisfies the unilateral needs of a person who is trying to establish a relationship with another person. What is interesting Silicone Sex Doll in this relationship is the reciprocity, with the added emotional perception of enjoyment and frustration.