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Versão 1.14.4
Tipo Survival Semi Vanilla Economy Land Claim No Griefing
Última Atualização04 Nov 2019
Data de Entrada30 Oct 2019
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The Nordic server is a newly created semi-vanilla survival minecraft server.
We are looking to add more people to our close knit community. Since the launch of the server a week ago we have had a stable playerbase of 7-10 people. Ideal would be around 30.
We have an active community both in discord and in minecraft with unique fun personalities mainly from nordic countries but everyone is welcome.

The reason for the semi-whitelist is simple, we don't strive to make money from this server. We don't strive to be the biggest server. We just want fun friendly people to welcome into our community. Here at The Nordic Server we choose quality over quantity in our members.

The server is first and foremost meant to be community driven, we encourage all players to build close-ish together and work together on community projects.
So far people have made different settlements all around spawn and some players have taken it upon themself to make a road across all the settlements connecting them together.
For the same reason we have an economy plugin to encourage player made shops and trading for currency.

We have no donator ranks and there is not on the roadmap to enable any paid benefits. So far we have one extra group for trusted members of the community that they earn with activity.

The server is a semi-whitelist in the sense that anyone can join but you need permissions to do anything. This way we can handle most requests quickly to join the server if an admin or moderator is online at the moment.
We also have multiple ways of backups along with rollback and grief protection plugins, incase the bad apples make it through the initial step to be able to build on the server.

We offer player made land claims with automatic gaining of claimblocks with activity on the server.

This server was made from our discord community and is connected to the discord server enabling communication both ways from minecraft to discord.
We encourage all members to join the discord for some fun times in voice chat while we play.

We look forward to meeting you all!

tl:dr bullet points:

☑ Close knit community

☑ Grief protection

☑ Semi-whitelist

☑ Semi-vanilla with economy

☑ Player made settlements

☑ Community projects

☑ No pay to win




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