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Versão 1.10.2
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Última Atualização29 Jul 2017
Data de Entrada12 Nov 2016

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Get Whitelisted We are a whitelist community. To play on our servers you need to register on our website and apply for getting whitelisted. Being whitelisted on our website grants you access to all our Minecraft servers. Modpacks we host Age of Engineering FTB Presents SkyFactory 3 1.10 FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7 (Normal and Hardmode) Pickle Pack Magical 3 1.7 Regrowth 1.7 Discord Voice Chat Server All our Minecraft servers are linked with our Discord server. If you want to chat to us or get whitelisted quickly this is the place to be, just keep in mind that when you join our Discord server for the first time you will need to wait 10 minutes before granted permission to write.
Invite link can be found on our website: Server Rules Our rules are located on our website and are accessible to public: Banned Items We keep our banned items lists as small as possible if not entirely empty. Banned items list for each server can be found on our forum that is accessible to whitelisted members. About our servers For now we run modded Minecraft servers but a semi vanilla network is in works (factions, towny, mini games, creative).
All our servers are being backed up on a hourly basis so in case something happens we have it fully covered.
We take griefing very seriously and if we do encounter someone stealing he will get permanently banned from our community without an option to return.

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