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Change Logs
02 Aug 2017

- Patch Notes #1 - 2017.08.02 -

-- Miscellaneous game changes: --

All Spinning wheels around the world should now be fully functional;
Shop items will now restore at a much higher rate (from 15 to 5 ticks to be exact) as well as player-sold items will now get removed from General stores at the same tick rate;
You can now purchase Max capes from Mac for 2M gold who is located West of the main home area (inside the castle). Max capes can also be used with other capes to create combat style specific capes;
Added the full Stronghold Slayer cave along with the Kraken boss;
All dragons will now successfuly charge your Dragonfire shield and you'll be able to check how many charges it has by inspecting it as well as emptying the them;
You will now be able to directly teleport to your Slayer task (a few tasks do NOT have a teleport location at the moment) by talking to any Slayer master around Salve-PS for a fee of 100k gold coins;

--- Minor fixes/changes/additions: ---

Pickpocketing the Master farmer will now give correct seeds;
Increased the item prices gained from stealing at home stalls;
Corrected some shops ironman can and can't buy from (they won't be able to buy items sold by players from the general store either);
Corrected combat experience gains, hitpoints and ranged in particular;
Steel dragons should now count towards your Slayer task;
Fixed an issue with Fight caves player death;


04 Aug 2017

- Patch Notes #2 - 2017.08.03 -

-- Miscellaneous game changes: --

- Greatly improved the Crystal chests reward table, with new additions like rune armour, dragon equipment, resources (ores, bars, cooking raws, etc);
- Added the full Smoke Dungeon for Dust Devils as well as their Slayer tele-to-task location;
- All of Al'Kharid's shops and features are now accessible and functioning;
- The General store NPC got a make-over - he now sells all tools required for skilling as well as some skilling related supplies (herblore secondaries, essence, etc.);
- Added 'Grace' NPC at Rogue's den at whom you will be able to exchange your Marks of Grace for Graceful outfit pieces as well as recolour them;

--- Minor fixes/changes/additions: ---

- Hidden the Quest tab buttons (achievement diary, mini-games and kourend favor) since they have no use at the moment;
- Fixed an issue with shops removing default stock items;
- Fixed selling noted items to shops, before the fix they were being sold and shown as noted versions in the shop;
- Added and corrected combat prayer damages and accuracy formulas;
- Hardcore ironman armour will now get replaced with regular ironman armour on player death;
- Populated Lunar isle with Suqah's and added their tele-to-task location;
- Added Gaius's 2h shop in Taverley;
- Added Spinolyp's with their full combat script to the Dagannoth king's lair;
- Added a spade item spawn at Barrow's mini-game entrance;
- Corrected Fishing experience rates;
- Added lower tier amulets (ie amulet of strength, magic) to shops around home.

10 Aug 2017

- Patch N

otes #4 - 2017.08.06 - 2017.08.10 -

-- Miscellaneous game changes: --

- Fixed and changed all experience rates as well as drastically increasing and balancing them;

--- Minor fixes/changes/additions: ---

- Fixed an issue with not being able to get new Slayer tasks;
- Fixed Farming skillcapes being able to worn without level 99 Farming;
- Vote and Donation rewards will now be given automatically;
- Fixed an issue with players randomly becoming ironmen;
- Antidote+ and antidote++ are now drinkable and provide poison immunity for large amounts of time;
- Added new weapons and equipment to the Mage shops;
- You will now be able to buy a Slayer skillcape from any Slayer masters shop (only at level 99);
- Adjusted the modern spellbook home teleport animation to be the exact same as in RS;
- All Slayer-related equipment can now be equipped;
- Slayer helmets can now get disassembled;
- Black masks can now be un-charged;
- Spiritual creatures and Cave horrors now require a higher Slayer level to be fought.

13 Aug 2017

- Patch Notes #5 - 2017.08.12 - 2017.08.13 -

-- Miscellaneous game changes: --

- Nothing major, just quality of life updates.

--- Minor fixes/changes/additions: ---

- Added an ironman only shop just west of our main home area (I'm all open to suggestions of what other items should be in the shop);
- Replaced Shops 'Sell-50' option with 'Sell-All' to quickly sell all your goodies;
- Spiritual mages are now back on the Slayer task table;
- All options on these items should now be fully functional: Serpentine helm, Trident of the Seas, Tanzanite helm, Magma helm, Magic fang, Toxic Staff of the Dead, Tanzanite Fang, Toxic Blowpipe, Abyssal Tentacle;
- Fixed some unworking Slayer tasks (Tzhaar's in particular);
- Fixed issues with Smithing dart tips; anvils can now be left-clicked;
- Corrected the Woodcutting experience gained;
- Fixed the Death altar teleport (The Abyss).

14 Aug 2017

- Patch Notes #6 - 2017.08.13 - 2017.08.14 -


-- Miscellaneous changes: --

- You'll now be able to quickly teleport to your last teleport destination via the Teleporter guy;
- Added Cerberus boss. You may directly teleport to his lair via the Teleporter. Cerberus has a chance of dropping primordial/eternal/pegasian - crystals which can be used to make the best-in-slot boots as well as the super rare Hellpuppy pet;
- The Voting page has been given a rework, implementing a vote system provided by [url=]EverythingRS[/url]. Their system rewards players with special points for each website voted which can be traded in for rewards on our server by typing ::reward <reward_id> in the chatbox;
- Temporarily disabled the Donation page. Donations will also be handled by a system provided by [url=]EverythingRS[/url]. It'll be up in the next couple days;
- Improved our client to support some neat buttons just above the play screen. This is still experimental and I'll be more than happy to listen to suggestions on how to improve on this;

--- Minor fixes/changes/additions: ---

- Added quick teleports to: Chaos Elemental, Venenatis, Chaos Fanatic and Crazy Archaeologist (more to come soon);
- Watson, the double agent clue scroll NPC - can now be attacked via auto-retaliate;
- You should no longer receive another Clue scroll drop if you already have one on you;
- Most items with a 'Destroy' option now actually will be destroyable rather than dropping on the ground.

17 Aug 2017

- Patch Notes #7 - 2017.08.16 - 2017.08.17 -

-- Miscellaneous changes: --

- Revised the WHOLE home area, removed useless objects and re-organised everything (I'll be waiting input on how well I did :));
- Improved the Crystal chest reward table - added a lot of useful items and some higher-tier equipment. You'll now also be able to see all rewards available by pressing on the signpost next to the chest;
- Added Boss tasks to Slayer options that'll reward you 40 points on task completion;
- Got rid of all Slayer masters and replaced them with just one. You'll be able to choose your task difficulty manually;
- Replaced old thieving stalls with new, custom ones. You'll be able to steal a wide variety of items and skilling resources;

--- Minor fixes/changes/additions: ---

- Increased drop rates by about 25% for ballista parts and zenyte shards from Demonic gorillas;
- Fixed a couple un-walkable tiles at home;
- Nurse Sarah will now also restore your run energy;
- Ironmen players will no longer be able to open shops they can't buy from;
- Populated some home shops with a lot of new items to choose from;
- Fixed not being able to drop items;
- Added a potion decanter (Bob Barter) to our home area;
- Thessalia will now also sell clothing as well as Initiate and Proselyte armour;
- Added a ::commands command to a see a list of available commands;
- Slightly improved the new-player starter package;
- All monsters will now drop a casket in a 1/65 chance that'll yield random amounts of coins OR a rare'r herb box - upon opening;
- Back end work - a lot of old & unused code cleaning, as well as improved code functionality.

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