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Versão 240.6
Tipo PVPVE The Island Dedicated Mods
United States
Última Atualização16 May 2016
Data de Entrada10 May 2016

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Server Settings: Max player level: 96 Max wild dino level: 120 2x Experience 2x Gathering 3x Taming Speed 2x Day Length Faster Nights Player map location enabled 3rd person camera enabled 2x Mating Interval 4x Egg Hatch Speed 4x Baby Mature Speed Mods in Use: Offline Raid Protection Extra Ark Pimp My Dino Homing Pigeon CV’s Death Helper Crystal Lamps Metal With Glass Set Stairs Mod With Rounded Walls Temp Building Mod Corrected Structures Admin Command Menu True Wardrums Rules: PVP is allowed and encouraged, however please adhere to the following rules: No Griefing of new players. Repeated offenders will be banned at admins discretion. No killing of passive dinos (We understand that some casualties may occur during a raid, but try to avoid it if they are passive). Be respectful to your fellow players. While we actively encourage raiding and pvp, don’t continually raid the same person’s base which prevents them from enjoying themselves. Give them time to rebuild and a chance to fight back! Unless you’re planning to take over their location and build there, there's no reason to completely destroy their entire base and kill all of their dinos. Repeatedly attacking and destroying the same person(or tribe) without good reason is a bannable offense at the discretion of the admins. No building on or walling off high density resource areas [ex: directly in the volcano or on mountain tops] This also includes blocking off caves to prevent entry into those areas. Offenders will be given a warning to remove their structures from the area or they will be destroyed. Repeat offenders will be banned if activity persists. No spamming chat channels. No advertising in chat or linking websites. No racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind. Swearing is ok, but please keep it in check. No cheating, hacking or exploiting. Violators will be banned. No impersonation of an admin or any other player. This is grounds for immediate ban. Lastly, don’t be afraid to engage in pvp with the admins. We are fair game just like anyone else and have no privileges over other players. :)  Miscellaneous Rules: Max tribe limit of 8. To keep the server clean for all players, please destroy any of your old or unused structures. [I.e: demolish the campfire you built to stay warm during the night once you’re ready to move on] *Note: If you are inactive for an extended period of time [1-2 weeks], your structures will be perceived as abandoned and will be destroyed. If you will be gone for an extended period of time, please let an admin know either in game [Graybur or LightningJoe] or through steam (Graybur or rarader1) the coordinates of your structures and how long you will be gone for. **If you have any other issues, questions or comments please contact one of the two admins listed above.