Frozen Throne


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Versão 3.3.5a
Tipo Blizzlike Donate Reward Dungeons Events Friendly Staff No Cheats No Lag Professional Staff PVP Raids
Última Atualização13 Aug 2018
Data de Entrada13 Aug 2018

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Welcome to Frozen Throne, our friendly community greets you
with open hands, we are currently running 1 realm, which is Ownage PVP.

A Pure PVP realm which is based on a PVP system, example : honor
points, badges of justice and arena points. Ownage PVP does not
contain any Custom items, Server contains :

- Starting Gear Season 6

-Starting Gear Tier 9.5

- Season 8 - Tier 10.5

- PVP System

- Gain Badges Of Justice on kill.

- Working Arena's

- Working BG's

To join our epic forums, please head to and register, take time and read our server rules, General rules