THC Rusty x3


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Último PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Tipo 3x Instacraft Home Oxide Rustio
Última Atualização16 May 2020
Data de Entrada30 Apr 2020


THC Rusty X3[Gifts|Clan|Kits|TP|Max3|Mod+|Monthly Wipe]

X 3 Gather.Monthly Wipe
- Teleport.",
- Sethome.",
- Trade.",
- Bgrade.",
- BackPack.",
- StackSize.",
- VoteDay.",
- DeathNotes.",
- Zlevels.",
- And more....",

In order to keep everything fun, we need to setup some rules. These are the overall rules. Extra rules may apply to specific servers.
In-Game Chat The use of racist, sexist or other offensive language can and will result in a mute or ban. Only English language in the chat. Use /pm or /c for other languages with your teammates. Also do not talk about hackers or cheaters. Report them through a /ticket or use our Discord. And, of course, show respect. To players, our servers and staff. No cheating / hacking No cheating or hacker. This means the use of a third party program to gain advantage in the game. You will be banned. Making use of a (known) glitch is also not allowed. Advertising cheating communities may also result in a ban. Signs Making signs with pornographic, sexist or racist content is not allowed and can result in a ban. Max number of players A maximum number of 3 players is allowed in clans and during raids, unless stated otherwise in the specific server /rules....

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05 May 2020

Server start 07/05/2020