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Última Atualização21 Apr 2020
Data de Entrada21 Apr 2020


King's Valley - NL/ENG | EUW Community Server

- About King's Valley rust server -
Server was launched on 10/04/2020
Rustfire is 24/7 uptime
Server has a good CPU and RAM allocated to it for nice and smooth experience.
Server is hosted in NL | Amsterdam
Server have medium map size of 4000 and base decay rate at 1 - standard time.

This server is made to experience rust how it should be and most importantly have fun and not to make a profit.
For consistency King's Valley gets automatically wiped on a schedule, restarted, saved and backup.

There will never be admin abuse on the server, its one of the reasons this server exists.
King's Valley is still very new server so people new to the game can easily learn and pickup game while not getting harassed too much by clans and experienced players.

Rustfire settings are set as to x2 and x3 at night.
Server moderators are very active and will help or resolve problems fast.

- Server wipe Information -
Map wipes will happen from time to time, every 2/3 weeks. Depending on certain wars and fights.
BP wipes are performed at the same time.
This time of week been specifically chosen to line up with weekend so that people who work or have busy schedule would have an equal chance to get started.
Forced wipes sometimes can be accrue due to rust update

- Server Rules -
- English only when using global chat please.
- Racism is not tolerated
- Excessive hate speech is not tolerated
- No glitching or abusing
- Play fair Cheating when proven will result in ban from the server


If you do end up joining we hope you have some fun and do endup becoming our regular rust community member!

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Rust servidores IP: client.connect - King s Valley servidor  | TopG

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