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Mapa AtualProcedural Map
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Tipo Kits QuickSmelt Active Admins Instacraft No Lag Loot 10x Gather
United Kingdom
Última Atualização25 May 2020
Data de Entrada08 Nov 2019


Don't have enough time for vanilla? Are you looking for some fast paced exciting gameplay, on a powerful dedicated server with a cheat-free experience?

Welcome to Infinite Rust, a perfectly modded, progressive and balanced server designed for those who love raids and action, join us.


 [Wipe Info]:

- Map wipes every Monday & Friday at 15:00 (UK Time)


[Server Info]:

- 10x Gather

- Loot+

- Kits

- Anti-Cheat

- Teleportation

- Map Size 4000

- InstaCraft

- QuickSmelt

- Friends System

- Auto Authorisation system between clans and friends.

- Playtime Ranks

- Hit Markers

- Outpost and Bandit Camp Teleport

- Active non-playing Admins monitoring chat and gameplay to provide you with the best experience.


[Infinite Rust Rules]:

- The maximum Clan / Group limit is 4.

- Only 3 layers of High Externals are allowed around a base/cave/quarry.

- Racism is not allowed in any form, using/doing it will result in a mute, kick or ban.

- No walling off monuments

- Any form of hacking/cheating/exploiting will result in a ban.


[Our Discord]:

- Join our discord server to find out more about the server and claim a free airdrop.

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