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Posição430 Random Server
Website Website
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Versão Season 15
Tipo 15x hard Non Reset Custom
Última Atualização30 Apr 2020
Data de Entrada30 Apr 2020


Server Information
Drop:GMO Algorithm
Drop Luck:50%
Drop Skill:50%
Drop Excellent:50%
Drop Excellent With Luck:50%
Drop Excellent With Skill:50%
Zen Drop: GMO Algorithm
Multi Zen Drop:15%
Zen Rates: Between 25-100 * Monster Level
Max Connection Per PC:1
Character Creation: From Level 1
Shadow Phantom Elf Buff: Level 220
Mu Helper: From Level 1 (2.0 zen multiplier) - Can be used for 24 hours
Element Monsters: We've made all the element monsters to spawn each time with a different element power!

Monsters Information
Traps: Removed!
(Include Old Bosses)
Elite Spots:2
Quest Spots:2
Spawn Rate:1 Second
(except Bosses)
(Use TAB)

Custom Boss System
Name: Medusa Event
Number Of Monsters: 1x
Custom HP: 500m
Custom Damage: 2k
Time: 15:00 Daily
Location: Swamp Of Calmness
Drop: Jewel Bundle x2
Drop Rate: 100%

Custom Monster Invasion (Currently Disabled)
Name: Sapi Queen
Number Of Monsters: 10x
Time: 16:00 Daily
Location: Swamp Of Calmness
Drop: Jewel Bundle x1
Drop: Zen
Drop Rate: 15%

Events (Every 30 Minutes)
Arca Battle
Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Chaos Castle Survival
(Every Hour Battle Core Server)
Devil Square
(Every Hour)
Illusion Temple Renewal
Loren Deep
Tormented Square
(Battle Core Server)
Tormented Square Battle
(Battle Core Server)
Acheron Guardian
Attack Event
(x5 Summon Rate)
Golden Invasion
(x5 Summon Rate)
Red Dragon Invasion
(x5 Summon Rate)

Invasions (Every 30 Minutes)
Red Dragon Invasion (Custom)
Skeleton King Invasion (custom)
Golden Invasion
White Wizard Invasion (custom)
Santa Event (custom)
(Please Note Coordinates are 1-255)

Evomon Event
Maps: Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland
Custom HP: 500,000
Minor Box: Heart Of Love / Box Of Luck
Standard Box: Heart Of Love / Box Of Luck
Greater Box: Heart Of Love / Box Of Luck
Luxurious Box: Heart Of Love / Box Of Luck
Magnificent Box: Box Of Heaven
Legendary Box:
(Jewel Bundle 10x)
(Please Note Coordinates are 1-255)

Blood Castle 1-7
Loch's Feather
Condor Flame
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Soul
Jewel of Life
Jewel of Chaos

Chaos Castle 1-7
Loch's Feather
Condor Flame
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Soul
Jewel of Life
Jewel of Chaos

Illusion Of Temple 1-6
Loch's Feather
Condor Flame
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Soul
Jewel of Life
Jewel of Chaos

Egg Event
Maps: Aida (1 ~ 2) , Tarkan (1 ~ 2) , Lost Tower (1 ~ 7) , Atlans (1 ~ 3) , Raklion
Description: Fire flame ghost monster will spawn randomly in the following maps just like evomon event, once killed it will drop an egg that might give you a Muun pet!
Custom HP: 500,000
Drop percentage for the Egg: 10%
(90% Zen)
Egg Drop: 100% Muun
(All Regular Muuns)
(Please Note Coordinates are 1-255)

Mastery Box Reward
Bless of Light (Low Grade)
Bless of Light (Middle Grade)
Bless of Light (Greater)

Mastery Box Reward Per Ranking
Blood Castle,Devil Square,Chaos Castle,Imperial Fort,Illusion Temple,Doppelganger
You can enter those events up to 4 times during 24 hour cycle.
You will receive 2 mastery boxes after including the main reward of the event itself.
Please note this system is based on ranking, therefore you will have to gain points within those events in order to get the mastery boxes.
Gaining points is based on what you do inside the event itself such as, kill certain monsters, kill a player, collect certain items, ect..

Marriage System
From Level: 50
Homosexual: Enabled
Item Required: 1 Jewel Of Bless
(Both Sides)
Wedding Price: 1,000,000
Gift: 2 Jewel Of Bless
(Both Sides)
Divorce: Requires 10 Jewel Of Bless

Player Killing System
PK Clear: Enabled
Price: 1,000,000 * Number Of Kills
Point System: Enabled
Description: Once you started killing other players you will join the PKS Ranking which means the more points you will gain the more punishment you will get such as, Exp Loss, Zen, Item Drop etc..

Personal Store
This system uses WCoins instead of zen.

Kalima 1-7
Illusion Of Kundun1: 1 random jewel
Illusion Of Kundun2: 2 random jewels
Illusion Of Kundun3: 3 random jewels
Illusion Of Kundun4: 4 random jewels
Illusion Of Kundun5: 5 random jewels
Illusion Of Kundun6: 6 random jewels
Kundun7: 1 ancient item

Cash Shop
Yes we have but its the same for everybody as you can't purchase currency with us you can get it in game.
Online for 24H:
Blood Caslte:
Devil Square:
Chaos Castle:
Illusion Temple Classic:
Dopple Ganger:
Imperial Fort:
(Please Note CashShop Items Start From 70WC Up To 280WC)

Boxes Drop
Box Of Luck: Lorencia,Noria,Elbeland,Dungeon
Description: Set/Weapons +6+Luck+Skill
Heart Of Love: Devias,Losttower
Description: Zen and Jewels
Box Of Heaven: Atlans
Description: Set +7

Custom Monster Drop
Red Dragon: Jewels
Death King Skeleton: Excellent Set Items
Death Bone: Jewels
Gorgon: Excellent Set Items
Ice Queen: Excellent Set Items
Balrog: Excellent Set Items
Hydra: Excellent Set Items
Zaikan: Excellent Set Items
Kalima1-6: Jewels
Kalima Kundun7: 1 Ancient Item

Bonus Rates Daily
Exp:1.5 (Additional multiplier)
Master:1.5 (Additional multiplier)
Majestic:1.5 (Additional multiplier)
Quest:1.5 (Additional Multiplier)
(From 22:00-23:00)

Party Exp Additional
Regular Party:2.0x, 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x, 4.0x
Set Party:3.0x, 3.5x, 4.0x, 4.5x, 5.0x

Off Commands and Commands
/gpost,/post,/add (str,agi, ect..),/prop /accept /divorce,/pkclear,/war /endwar,/battlesoccer,/requests
(Off trade is disabled, you can leave your character gain WC currency and minimize the client)

Jewel Rates
Bless: 100%
Soul: 50%
Soul Luck: 75%
Life: 50%

Chaos Machine Rates
Mix10Rate: 60%
Mix11Rate: 60%
Mix12Rate: 60%
Mix13Rate: 55%
Mix14Rate: 55%
Mix15Rate: 50%
MixAddLuckRate: 25%
Mix10RateEnhanced: 50%
Mix11RateEnhanced: 50%
Mix12RateEnhanced: 50%
Mix13RateEnhanced: 45%
Mix14RateEnhanced: 45%
Mix15RateEnhanced: 40%
MixAddLuckRateEnhanced: 25%
Mix10RateSocket: 40%
Mix11RateSocket: 40%
Mix12RateSocket: 40%
Mix13RateSocket: 35%
Mix14RateSocket: 35%
Mix15RateSocket: 30%
MixAddLuckRateSocket: 25%
Mix10RatePentagram: 40%
Mix11RatePentagram: 40%
Mix12RatePentagram: 40%
Mix13RatePentagram: 35%
Mix14RatePentagram: 35%
Mix15RatePentagram: 30%
MixAddLuckRatePentagram: 25%
FeatherOfCondor: 60%
Wing2: 90%
Wing2.5: 60%
Wing3: 40%
Wing4: 40%

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