MuLek Season 15

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Posição1181 Random Server
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Versão Season 15 1.3
Tipo 275x 50x 30x 5x
Última Atualização06 Apr 2020
Data de Entrada09 Jan 2020



Hello, we are MuLek, an online Mu server that seeks or enhances the player experience daily through events, innovative systems and many other methods both in the game and in forums. Resolves to create the MuLek server after more than 12 years of experience with Mu Online, absorbing all plausible initiatives throughout that period. After lengthy meetings and in-game experiences, the decision to develop this game, our team has begun work on the most innovative and complete version of Mu Online (Season 15), with periodically guaranteed support and updates, and with full adaptation to our reality. players.

A war-torn continent as two families vie for power. To complicate matters further, each gens is also fraught with internal conflict, with several rulers plotting to rise to the lead alone. This is the scenario of the world of Mu Lek, a world full of fantastic creatures, wars of epic proportions, battles between rival clans and adventurers in search of their destiny!

Between colossal battles of epic proportions, territory conquest and clan battles, you'll find plenty of emphasis on fighting other players. Defend your castle or fortress at all costs!

Welcome to the World of Nostalgia!
New Server Season 15 part 1.3
Hard Server - No Reset
No Pay to Win
Balanced PVP
Exclusive Events and more
Come join this world of adventure.

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