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Obsidian Empire FiveM Roleplay Server | OE FiveM

Who are we?
We are a small Singapore based roleplay community which just started mid-June this year. We strive to keep our roleplay fun and interesting by having regular car and drift meets, and also constantly updating the pool of cars that we have in the server. We also regularly update scripts in the servers so that new functions are constantly being added to expand the variety of activities one can do in the server.

Why are we special?
We try to skin our own vehicles to make liveries those that are identical to those that can be found in Singapore itself. We try to get everything as similar as what it looks like in Singapore to create a realistic experience for everyone who joins.

When do we do roleplay?
As we're only just starting up and do not have much of a player base yet, we are restricting roleplay hours to Saturdays 8pm-12am, when we feel that most players will be available to attend. Outside of rp hours, we also regularly meet to go for car events and just admire each others cars.

Come and join us at Obsidian Empire FiveM Roleplay server! Drop into the Discord server and tell us that you're here for the FiveM RP and we'll assign you the proper role!

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