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Posição2493 Random Server
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Tipo Custom Cars Drugs Economy Gangs Fun Onesync Serious Rp Roleplay Whitelist Cops
Última Atualização30 Oct 2020
Data de Entrada30 Oct 2020


Monopoly Rp is a new server with a growing community. Having a place where people can meet and connect and grow new friendships. We work on the server every day adding things to the community to make it the best RP experience, constantly improving the way we do things. Monopoly Rp is built around the love of role-playing and the need to have a place to role play with an unbiased staff team who are fair. We are looking for staff, police, fire/ems, civs, gang members etc. We are a serious roleplay server with a realistic working economy. We have a bunch of interactive things put in the sever, we have a fair staff team, 500+ car, Player Owned Businesses, Drugs/Gangs/Heists, White List, Crafting, Properties,  are Streamer Friendly and much more.  Hope to see you guys in the city!

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