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United States
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AssemblyRP | Public | Whitelist PD/EMS/Gangs | Economy | Drugs | Legal/Illegal Jobs | Properties | TokoVOIP

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Our goal is to come together for the common purpose of a better role play experience.

Welcome to AssemblyRP!

We are a public server that opened its doors with the purpose of providing a more serious, roleplay driven FiveM Server. Many of us searched for a place that would show our stories mutual respect while also having a community of serious roleplayers.

In Assembly RP the only limit to your story is the heights of your imagination. We respect the story tellers. Our server has a predominantly realistic theme, and never before seen content for our streamers. With an active staff that listens to the community, dedicated players, and new custom clothing, liveries and other content being released monthly, we hope to be your new favorite place to role play!


Custom clothing, liveries and drug system unique to our server only

Play using a ped or player model with custom hair styles

Custom legal jobs (Deliveries, Fisherman, Lumberjack, Tailor, Miner, Butcher, Fueler, Mechanic,Taxi);  Take the in world  Bar Exam, and become a Public Defender; Mixology and Stripper jobs at the Vanilla Unicorn

Custom criminal activity (Robberies, Chop Shop, Money Laundering, Hidden black markets)

Custom phone and radio systems

Custom open interiors

Lore Gangs have unique clothing, custom clubhouses and vehicles
250-300 purchasable vehicles

Rent or buy apartments and houses

Custom food and restaurants

Take hostage and carry commands

Hunting Grounds

Business Ownership

Community Events

And much more for you to discover!