Mean and Dirty RP

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Posição2418 Random Server
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Último PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Tipo RP Cars Cops Custom Discord Economy Mafia Drugs Ems
United States
Última Atualização02 May 2020
Data de Entrada02 May 2020



Welcome to the grand opening of MaD RP! I've been working my ass off to make a custom FiveM life server.  



 Custom Jobs: I've taken the old shitty ESX jobs and replaced them with jobs you don't just stand in a circle for. Also added a fuck ton of custom jobs. 

QOL Features: Phone with twitter, calling, texting, and contacts. Nice HUDs for player and vehicle. Inventory system for players and vehicles. Custom scoreboard. And other little things I'm probably forgetting. 

RP: Everything is based on serious roleplay. 

Illegal Activities: From many types of drugs to process or harvest to several different available heists there's plenty to do on the dark side of the law.  

These are just the biggest ones. There's over 318 scripts on the server all adding something custom and fun.  


Positions Available: 

Staff: Currently running low on staff members. If you're interested contact Benny. 

Faction leads: Police, EMS, Mechanic, and Car Dealer. 


What are you waiting for? Stop reading this stupid shit and come play already.