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Versão 317
Tipo Team Slayer AFK Island Custom Items OSRS Data Unique Bosses Tons of World Events New Skilling Custom Magic
Última Atualização05 Sep 2020
Data de Entrada03 May 2016



🕹️ Play

🎇 Discord

🗺️ Website


✔️ Gamemodes on Login

✔️ 5,000+ Custom Items

✔️ Countless Global Events

✔️ New Prestige Skill

✔️ Brand new Skilling

✔️ AFK Island

✔️ Custom Boss Mechanics

✔️ Group Slayer

✔️ Wild with an unseen Twist

✔️ Team & Solo Minigames

✔️ Player-Owned Shops

✔️Tons of Gambling Modes

✔️5+ Custom Quests

💫 And much More...


Manic is not your typical RSPS. It's something new. For those that welcome a game with lots to offer, look no further. To walk down the path of Manic is a voyage into the unknown. Your walk through this journey is different from past games you've played. The path in Manic is not short-lived because our players can look forward to an experience that is full of surprise and fun along the way. Manic focuses on making sure that the enjoyment you get from playing our game has no end. Our server provides quality with every little detail it has to give. Manic has been in development for 5+ years. For the past year, the Development Team has restructured the Game into what is soon to become the greatest Server in RSPS History. We proudly present to you the revamp of Manic!

With Regards,

Team Manic


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