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Posição16106 Random Server
Website Website
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Status Offline
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Versão 1.8.8
Tipo Op factions Arena Pvp Koth Raiding Opvp Envoy Custom Enchants PvP Custom Drops Factions
United States
Última Atualização18 Sep 2020
Data de Entrada15 May 2020


Welcome to the beta of ObsidiaPvP! ObsidiaPvP offers a competitive yet genuine factions experience while allowing you to avoid pay-to-win servers or rude and unhelpful staff. ObsidiaPvP features a very rewarding pvp system with frequent koths, envoys,and pvp events. Cannoning is also highly encouraged as schematica and printer are both allowed and we host weekly raid events for in-game prizes. ObsidiaPvP also features a very in-depth factions tutorial for less experienced factions players as well a clear list of all important factions commands and features specific to the server for the more skillful factions players. Some of these factions features include genbuckets, custom enchants, sell wands, void chests, crop hoppers, custom mob drops, and much more.  Join the beta now to compete to be the richest, most powerful, or simply to join our new and friendly community.  Join our discord! https://discord.gg/fpzVHJt

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