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Type Beatmap Submission Anticheat Relax Clans Multiplayer Chill Solo
Location United Kingdom
Last Update30 Aug 2022
Join Date31 Jan 2021


Iteki is an osu! server with the best experience for speed and user quality. Unlike any other server, 100% of our code is written by ourselves from the ground up which allows us to provide you with the best speeds and most features unseen anywhere else! We feature Vanilla, Relax and Autopilot leaderboards aswell as a cheating sub server (which uses a custom cheat client) that allows cheats on all 3 modes too.


The most unique feature of Iteki is beatmap **********! We are the first and currently only private server to have a fully functional ********** system that allows you to upload and update maps in the same way you would on Bancho.


The speed of our server is unrivalled to any other, with logins coming up to as fast as 1ms. Not only is the server incredibly stable and fast, it is feature packed with a great community! We also offer supporter to consistent voters, and supporter provides many perks. There is loads to find out about Iteki. We have an active and fun userbase, which you could be apart of. Why hesitate, check us out now!