Mu Online Max Reset Servers

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Max Reset Mu Online Server List

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Season 6 Low Drops Events Balanced Oldschool No WebShop PvP Low Rate Max Reset Non Reset No CashShop

Season 14 Max Reset Normal Xp 20 Master Xp 20 Majestic Xp 40 Drop 60 Balanced PvP Happy Hours Play to win commands Wcoin Credit trade

Season 15 Max Reset 100x drop 45 Play2win No VIP Reset bonus

Season 14 500x Medium 10 Max resets No WebShop Play2Win

Season 6 500x No WebShop Hard Max Reset

99 CastleSiege 1000x PvP Oldschool new jewels Low Drops max reset Mid Rate

Season 6 50x Balanced Blood Castle CastleSiege Devil Square Hard Slow Oldschool Max Reset WebShop

Season 3 100x Medium Drops Max Reset Hot Spots

Season 6 20x Low Rate Max Reset

Season 6 No WebShop Medium 5 Max Resets 50x

Season 6 Hard dinamic WebShop mediumslow Fun Server Max Reset PvP medium slow

Season 6 Hard 10 Max Reset

Season 12 500 Max Resets 1 Max Morph Ranked Exp Dynamic Exp Buidable Stats

Season 6 25x 10 Max Reset Hard Events

Season 14 5 Max Resets 70x

Season 1 600x 90 Max Reset 500 Per Reset 500 points per reset